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View all of The Woolie faux finishing paint techniques for walls side by side to compare them.  From there, take a look at the how-to step-by-step instructions to get  easy and brief steps on how to paint a wall. Next, watch the correlating instruction video by The Woolie on YouTube. (Links provided).  Once you decide on your technique and colors, order your Woolie paint tools!

Barbie, creator of The Woolie, always says that "when you see it, you'll know that it's just what you want!"  She believes that it's really hard to use your imagination to visualize paint decorating.  That's why we offer color and technique inspiration ideas and samples for your own personal paint project.  View these samples to see what inspires you. This is a great first step!  Then, play with the colors and blending to get your customized look. 

View The Woolie faux finish paint brushes, paint rollers and pads.  Each are unique because they create entirely different looks, and vary in faux finish painting technique applications. Some require faux glazes, and some do not.  Watch our instruction videos that accompany each of these faux finish painting tools by The Woolie to get a clear and concise understanding of these paint tools. 

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