Step 1:

​Apply your faux finish glaze in one heavy splotch on the wall.  Use the JUMBO 5 inch brush to do this


Step 2:

As you continue, LIGHTLY overlap the edges of the wet glaze to avoid overlap marks.  If you miss an area, it's best to leave it alone.  When the surface has dried, you can add and blend more faux glaze.

​Step 3:

Use The Woolie to blend your faux finish into all of your wall edges as you continue. 

Step FAUX!:

​ If you have small or hard to reach areas, you will use The Little Woolie to blend these areas. (NOTE): Complete all areas as you proceed, It is not possible to adjust areas later. 

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How To Faux Finish PAINT - Steps - Ideas - Videos - Inspirations - samples - paint ColorS - tools - kits - The Woolie OFFICIAL FAUX GLAZING COLOR WASH INSTRUCTION PAGE

MINI Value

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How To Color Wash Paint Instruction Steps For Faux Painting

Color Wash with Faux Glaze Painting For Walls

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The Woolie Original Faux Finish Paint Products




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View all of The Woolie™ faux finishing technique STEP BY STEP photos for walls.  These are a great resource to give you a fast and easy overview of each faux finishing technique and how to achieve them. Compare them to determine a couple of your favorite painting techniques.  

​Paint Technique:Sponge Painting
Primary Paint Tool:  The Original Woolie Sheepskin Pad by The Woolie

Faux Painting Technique Instruction Steps For 

Sponge Painting - Using A Sponge Roller 

Sponge Roller Painting For Walls 

How To Step-by-Step Instructions


This technique is very popular!  Traditionally it can be achieved with rags, brushes and other various tools.  HOWEVER, it is soooooo much easier to do with The Woolie.  The Woolie enables you to apply consistent pressure and motions when blending the faux glaze to your desired look.

Because you're using The Woolie tool for this technique, you'll be able to blend the faux finishing glaze to perfection in the edges corners and ceiling lines.  You can achieve a professional-looking faux finish quickly and easily. This technique requires faux glaze.  Using The Woolie when working with glaze is best because this tool is so quick to use.

Before You Begin:  

  • Prepare your room properly with drop cloths and masking tape before you do anything. Proper room prep has a huge impact on your satisfaction when you're finished.  (learn more)
  • You will need to roll a base coat of satin finish paint before you begin. This is necessary for any type of painting that requires the use of faux finish glaze.
  • This technique also requires the use of faux glaze.​ If you're not exactly familiar with faux glazes, then link here (learn more).
  • Choose your paint colors 3 - 5 shades apart.  If your base color is too close in proximity to your faux glaze color, the end result may be too subtle to create the necessary illusion of depth and texture. (learn more)​​