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The Woolie Original Paint Products

The Woolie Original Paint Products

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  • ​​​​​​Items frequently bought together inspired us to create our Combo Sets.
  • Saves money by purchasing these supplemental sets.
  • High quality products are made with the best materials available.
  • Most items are made in the USA!  
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​​​View The Woolie faux finish paint brushes, paint rollers and pads.  Each are unique because they create entirely different looks, and vary in faux finish painting technique applications. Some require faux glazes, and some do not.  Watch our instruction videos that accompany each of these faux finish painting tools by The Woolie to get a clear and concise understanding of these paint tools. 

​​​​​​Our Starter Kits are a wonderful place to start if you've never used The Woolie products before.  Whether you're a beginner painter or whether you're a professional, you'll enjoy the benefits of our best-selling faux painting kits for all of your faux finish painting needs. Each contain the bare essential items plus extra items for convenience to ensure your paint project success.  All items are washable and reusable.

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The Woolie Original Faux Finish Paint Products




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The Woolie Original Paint Products

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​​​​​ All items are washable and reusable. These ultra high quality products are made with the best materials available.  In additional to having the best performance, these items are ergonomic.  Most items are made in the USA!  Check these out and learn more.

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How To Faux Finish PAINT - Steps - Ideas - Videos - Inspirations - samples - paint ColorS - tools - kits - The Woolie OFFICIAL LEARNING SITE

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Our products are reusable, but often times it's great for sheer convenience. Also, you don't need to be troubled when your friends and neighbors ask to borrow your tools after they have seen your finished projects!  

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