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The Woolie Original Faux Finish Paint Products




Pour your 2 contrasting paint colors of paint into each the split roller tray.

New! Roller-Meshing How To Faux Finish Paint by The Woolie (How To Paint Your Walls) #FauxPainting

A must-watch for your painting project success!  Learn how to faux finish using our 2-COLOR SPLIT PAINT ROLLER.  Watch our free FULL-LENGTH videos that are clear and complete.  Barbie, the inventor of THE WOOLIE FAUX FINISH PAINT TOOLS  also shows you which tools create which techniques

Load the 2 Color Roller with paint.  DON'T OVERLY SATURATE IT when loading!

Use The Little Woolie to blend your faux finish into all of your wall edges.  If you have small or hard to reach areas, you will use

The Little Woolie as well.

How To Faux Finish PAINT - Steps - Ideas - Videos - Inspirations - samples - paint ColorS - tools - kits - The Woolie OFFICIAL ROLLER-MESHING INSTRUCTION PAGE




Paint Technique: Roller-Meshing

Primary Paint Tool:  DUAL 2 COLOR SPLIT ROLLER by The Woolie

No new base coat is needed BEFORE you paint!  You can work directly on builder's flat paint, or even a primer coat.  

You apply 2 colors in ONE coat, not in layers.

Because you're using The Woolie tool for this technique, you'll be able to use The Little Woolie to get professional-looking edges, corners and ceiling lines.

No faux glazes are needed for this faux finish, so you don't need to worry about keeping a "wet edge" while you paint a wall..

Now the FUN part begins!  Use The Woolie Roller to roll and blend the colors to your desired look.  The more you roll, the more soft and muted the color transitions become.

View all of The Woolie™ faux finishing technique STEP BY STEP photos for walls.  These are a great resource to give you a fast and easy overview of each faux finishing technique and how to achieve them. Compare them to determine a couple of your favorite painting techniques.  

You're getting closer to making your decision upon which wall technique is

BEST for you and your painting project!